What happened to Davina’s $75 million listing on ‘Selling Sunset’

Netflix’s Reality real estate show ‘Selling Sunset’, Season 3 and all its glory came with its beautiful properties and suspenseful drama. 

However, do you recall Davina Potratz’s $75 million property? Wondering what happened, and if it’s sold yet? We were too! But first of all, let’s take a look back at this jaw-dropping property.

This property covers a whopping 1672 square metres of land. So you will definitely have more than enough room to unwind and relax. Talk about spacious living, privacy and personal space.

Davina Potratz's Property1

This modern mansion has a breathtaking interior with ambient lighting and spacious rooms. The dwelling of this vast property includes 7 bedrooms and 10 baths. Not to mention their very own separate guest house that has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 


There is a perfect flow in the transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. Within the living areas, we can see a beautiful harmony between the kitchen, living and dining areas. The interior is elegant and lavish and is finished with a top-notch kitchen of course. 

Other features within the mansion of course include: 

  • Lavish owner’s suite
  • Walk-in closets
  • Movie theatre
  • GymWine cellar

Selling Sunset

It is also said this property has one of the biggest pools in all of Beverly Hills. Imagine taking a dip in this impressive pool any day, at any time, making this home the life of the party every summer.

Selling Sunset2

The backyard has luscious green grass areas and landscaping done – giving you enough space for when it comes to getting in your morning jog or getting a game of cricket going. Additionally, this outdoor area comes with an outdoor kitchen and dining area to relax and socialise in. 

Davina Potratz's $75 Million Property

Now the question that has been lingering in our minds. What happened to this property?

Well, it is actually still on the market! With the high price of $75 million in combination with COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, those with bigger budgets are not looking at the property market.  After all, $75 million is a very substantial amount of money to spend.

There was the previous talk of Davina speaking with a client trying to come to a mutual agreement for the listing. However, this was a year ago. Davina has since proven herself to owner of the home Adnan Sen by selling one of his properties for lease and redeeming herself and her reputation. 

Leaving the $75 million mansion property still up for grabs on the market.

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