How To Maximise Space In Your Apartment

Are you finding your apartment is feeling a little crowded?

There are many ways to make more place in a small space to incorporate convenience and comfort.

Sometimes, there is a desperate need for extra space in a studio apartment or office space with too much stuff and too limited space. It is essential to know how to manipulate the place to maximise space.

Here, we offer seven of our favourite tips to help you broaden your home’s horizons.

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Although straight lines and placements are more popular with home design, distributing pieces unevenly could create visual illusions that make a room feel more spacious.

This can be incorporated into wall designs in a small room by hanging wall art, framed photos, and mirrors at different levels.

Keeping the accent wall busy with different decorative pieces can let natural light bounce through with more vibrancy, in turn lifting the perception of the entire space.

The wall space in between the two pieces will be emphasised, providing you with more space to decorate and furnish without making the room feel small.


Mirrors are a gift for creating illusions. They can reflect sunlight and project it through the room for light to bounce around, giving the illusion of broader space.

Reflective surfaces can make the most out of the natural light coming into the room. It is exactly what a small room needs to feel more spacious!

Try to put mirrors at locations where they can reflect a window and the outside view. Additionally, if your apartment feels a little too cosy already, try to hang your mirrors on the wall.

It is a good hack to spice up the walls, display a bit of your personality, and save floor space, giving you more area to place furniture pieces that cannot be hung.


The excitement of an apartment inspires the urge to decorate and display your personality. Home decor can just be so fun!

However, it is wise to step back and contemplate whether a decoration or furniture item is truly worth the space it is making you sacrifice.

Less is more in making space for smaller living areas; try to employ bigger, more multi-functional pieces rather than smaller, miscellaneous decorations.

For example, investing in a table that also has good storage space to strike two birds with one stone.

Simpler items help with establishing an apartment’s aesthetic flow, providing you with more functional spaces to utilise while minimising your clutter.


When floor space is somewhat limited, recruit your wall space instead. Built-in vertical panels can help you conquer any awkward small spaces you’ll otherwise leave obsolete.

These panels can be made multi-functional with a couple of open shelves and storage units — another good multipurpose furniture idea!

The position of these panels can also give a visual lift to the ceiling, making your apartment feel taller than it really is.


Decorative window ornamentation may unnecessarily take up precious space in an apartment. Try to implement rolling blinds that have similar styles to your wall to minimise their presence.

Lighter materials such as chiffon can be a good choice if you want to cover your windows without burdening your small space.

It is also a good idea to hang curtains all the way to the floor to emphasise the height of your apartment.


If you have a tiny apartment, you’d understand the need for extra space to store your things. Apartment storage can be a struggle. A small kitchen may not even be able to store all your utensils.

The use of a storage bench, built-in storage and open shelving can solve a lot of those problems for small apartments as it gives you the room to hide your clutter.

maximising storage in your studio apartment


Multipurpose furniture can be a space-saving saviour for a small apartment instead of independently selected furniture pieces that serve individual purposes.

For example, a coffee table that can be stretched into a dining table or a small stool can create extra seating and entertain an additional guest when the time calls for it.

If pieces of furniture with multiple purposes are out of your budget, try to use furniture that can be hidden in the skeleton of the room.

You can utilise a wall desk, murphy bed or built-in shelving to save cramped spaces and make more room.

maximise space in your living room

All in all…

Maximising space is not an easy task for small spaces. It is challenging to create an eye-catching room with little space and still feel spacious. Try your best to make everything you own conduct double duty and utilise every bit of your room.

If you would like to learn more ideas and great tips, check out the rest of our articles here.

Whether you are looking for your first home, trying to change up your living environment, downsizing to a more suitable space or searching for an investment property, it is vital to make it as comfortable for living as possible. And we can help you achieve that!

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