New Sydney Tower concept – A Refreshing CBD Revamp

The new concept proposal

An exciting new construction project in the Sydney CBD has been proposed to the City of Sydney Council and we have never been more excited!

The project proposal is expected to cost more than $291 million and will feature new leisure, entertainment, and commercial facilities for all of us to enjoy. It is likely to produce some hefty economic rewards and further consolidates the hustle and bustle of commercial activity on George Street. It’s a truly exciting addition to Sydney’s impressive list of high rise buildings.

The tower concept is proposed to be a multi-faceted building that can cater to functions of any kind possible! It is expected to have:

  • 32,602 square metres of office building space
  • 16,822 square metres of hotel space
  • 3,366 square metres of back-of-house theatrical space
  • 4 basement floors

Image: Urban Developer

(Image: Urban Developer)

The project concept also outlined extensive back-of-house- facilities, and a series of upgrades to the State Theatre. An example includes the proposed basement levels that will act as a loading facility for the theatre located below.

It’ll never be a dull moment here. It is expected to provide us with ground-level retail outlets, hotel accommodation, and conference spaces for us to enjoy.

The 33-storey, mixed-use tower is expected to replace the yet-to-be demolished buildings at 458-472 George Street. The demolition of those two buildings that currently occupy the space has been approved and will likely begin demolition shortly. The Sydney tower concept is also proposed to be built upon a podium on top of the iconic, heritage-listed State Theatre.

The development proposal made it very clear that the concept does have the intention not to infringe on the functions or experience that the State Theatre offers.

On the other hand, the proposal stressed that the tower concept would be vertically separate from the Theatre below and would be beneficial in the long-term preservation of the heritage-listed building, and would supplement the surrounding streetscape.

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(Image: Laura Cros @locreaphoto)

Inside the ICON: The Sydney State Theatre

The Sydney State theatre, located on Market Street is an iconic, heritage-listed building that has long served Sydney as a powerhouse entertainment facility. Since 1929, when the theatre officially opened, The State Theatre has been notorious for hosting some of the most sought-after domestic and international comedy, music and film acts that none of us could afford to miss. It has lived up to its long reputation in consistently delivering “entertainment of unparalleled performance” to its patrons.

The Theatre interior is unmatched and is able to cater to the needs and wants of patrons and performers with unmatched elegance and grandeur. The bright red and gold aesthetic, paired with the classic interior is absolutely divine.

Image: Sydney State Theatre

KMP State Theatre 81123

(Image: Sydney State Theatre)

The new concept proposal is expected to further consolidate and complement the timeless and show-stopping design of the Theatre interiors and exterior. The proposal documents have underlined that the close proximity of the tower concept to notable buildings in the Sydney CBD such as the Queen Victoria Building (QVB), Gowings, the Theatre, and several other iconic buildings creates an abundance of opportunities for conservation of the past and the modernisation of iconic Sydney buildings in the Sydney CBD.

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