A Look Into Qantas CEO’s $19Million Mansion

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas and his husband Shane Lloyd recently spent a whopping $19million on their new home.

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Owning a $5million holiday house in Palm Beach and previously living in a penthouse at The Rocks, this couple is not a stranger to lavish living. 

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Their new home. A $19million, 15-room mansion! 


This three levelled mansion is located in Mosman and is a beautiful waterside residence. With direct access to the waterside and a jetty, this property can house a 7.6-metre long sailing boat. This is perfect, having the Sydney Amateur sailing club just across from the property.

Not to mention it also has a shark-netted pool! How cool is that?!

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The mansion was built in 1908 but as of 2015 has been completely refurbished and redesigned by designer Paul Moon. Moon has made the overarching theme of the property as

A traditional Australian Federation Style house with a few American touches.

Leaving the property looking like a modern classic. This can be reflected throughout the 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms that this monstrosity of a property holds.

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Inside the property are beautiful indoor living areas. The different shades of whites and creams make these areas pleasing to the eye. Besides the aesthetics, this mansion also has a home cinema, wine cellar and a double garage-making this space both fun and functional. What a dream!

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Moving outside to the outdoor living areas, there is so much space to enjoy the sunlight and relax. With beautiful balconies and an even better view of the Sydney harbour, your morning tea is set to be more than relaxing.

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Alan Joyce made a move in the ‘flight’ direction, as this Mosman mansion is nothing less than impressive.

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