Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning ‘Women in Property’ Event

On Wednesday, September 6th, Liviti Property, in partnership with St Trinity Property Group and Wedded Wonderland, came together to host ‘Women in Property’, an inspiring evening dedicated to empowering women in the property market.

Discussion panel at the women in property event
Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning 'Women in Property' Event 8

Held at Living in Style Furniture, it was a transformative experience where women had the chance to gather, learn, network, and plan their future, with expert guidance at the heart of it all.

Upon arrival guests were warmly greeted with an array of delectable canapés and sparkling bubbles by Tayta’s Catering, setting the stage for a night of inspiration and empowerment.

Food and delicacies in the women in property event
Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning 'Women in Property' Event 9

Born out of clear demand for female opportunities, the event gathered 100 guests and the presentations certainly didn’t disappoint. The panel of leading experts in lifestyle, investment, conveyancing, finance, and property was nothing short of extraordinary. 

Renowned Entrepreneur and Advocate for Small Business, Wendy El Khoury, who happens to be the “2022 Woman of the Year,” skillfully hosted the panel, which featured:

  • Investment Expert: Pina Brandi – Director of PB Property, Channel Partner of Liviti Property
  • Lifestyle Expert: Kahlia Cordony – Founder of Cordony Group
  • Real Estate Expert: Joyce Boustani – COO of Ausrealty
  • Conveyancing Expert: Rita Nakle – CEO of Ishaks Legal and Conveyancing
  • Finance Expert: Natalie Elazzi – Finance Specialist at Liviti Property
  • Property Experts: Sophie Pellegrino, Melissa Thaji, and Rouaa Altinawi – Property experts from St Trinity Property Group
Panelists in the women in property event
Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning 'Women in Property' Event 10

These accomplished women shared invaluable insights on various facets of property, leaving attendees equipped with knowledge to navigate the complex world of real estate and property investing. The panel covered a wide range of topics including everything female investors and budding property owners need to know:

1. Getting Started in the Property Market: A guide to taking those crucial first steps

Starting your property investment journey may seem daunting, but as Pina wisely puts it, “there are so many ways to get into the property market.” It’s about finding the approach that suits your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Pina also reminds us that the choices we make today can have a profound impact on our future. “Who, at 21 or 22, here in Australia, with all your questions, knows where you want to be and what you want to do?” she asks. 

“Now, we all know that eventually, one day you want to hold a home and get into the property market. But if you don’t do it now, 20 years from now, it’s going to be triple the price.” 

This is a powerful motivation to start your property investment journey today and secure your financial future.

2. Navigating Property Investment: Strategies and considerations for successful property investments for women in property

Kahlia emphasizes the importance of understanding your target market when investing in property. “When we’re doing a consultation,” she says, “it’s basically understanding what the buyer wants, in this demographic what are they looking for.”

Tailoring your strategy to meet the specific needs of your intended tenants or buyers can make all the difference in your investment success.

A member from the women in property event panel speaking on stage
Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning 'Women in Property' Event 11

3. The Ins and Outs of Property Financing: Expert advice on financing options and managing finances

Natalie sheds light on financing options, highlighting that you don’t always need a hefty 20% deposit to enter the property market. “It’s very daunting to think you need a 20% deposit to buy one property,” she notes. “But there are a lot of avenues you can go with lenders as low as 2% or 5%.” Speaking to a broker can open doors to various schemes and financing options, making property investment more accessible than you might think.

4. Understanding Yield and Rental Guarantees: Essential insights for maximizing returns

Natalie also touches on the concept of yield, emphasizing its significance. “7% yield is a good thing,” she explains. “It means that the income you’re earning is quite high, 7% of the value of the property.” This not only impacts your income but also enhances your borrowing capacity.

5. Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Clearing the fog around legal matters in property

Rita, our conveyancing expert from Ishak conveyancing, assisted in navigating the complex legal landscape of the property. As she put it, “Once you’ve selected the property you’re interested in, you send us over the contract, and we make sure that the contract is legally sound.”

Rita and her team mitigate risks and provide invaluable assistance in understanding intricate legal jargon that often accompanies property transactions.

6. Building Your Property Investment Plan: A blueprint for long-term success for women in the property market

Sophie introduced us to government grants that can significantly impact your property investment journey. For example, if you’re buying your first home in NSW, the government will provide you with a $10,000 grant. Additionally, there’s the single-parent grant, which can help you purchase a property with as little as a 2.5% deposit. These grants are key elements in crafting a successful property investment plan that suits your financial situation.

Melissa also reminded us that when it comes to buying property, you have options. You can choose to invest in completed properties or explore off-plan opportunities. The choice depends on your current situation and long-term goals.

The presentations were followed by engaging breakout sessions, where attendees had the unique opportunity to engage in focused conversations with guest speakers and members of Livity Property and St Trinity Property Group offering their expertise and insights. These sessions allowed for deeper exploration of specific topics and provided a platform for personal interaction, networking, and the exchange of ideas. 

In between conversations, all were welcome to capture the experience on the 360 degree Video Booth and upon departure were treated to thoughtful gift bags filled with products from Living in Style, Collective Hub, The Best of Moi, New Directions, and Beauty Boosters. These generous offerings served as a token of appreciation and a reminder of the inspirational evening.

Untitled design
Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning 'Women in Property' Event 12

The ‘Women in Property’ event was more than just a gathering; it was the start of a journey empowering and encouraging the incredible potential of women in the property market. It emphasized the importance of providing a platform for their growth and success. This empowering evening left attendees inspired, informed, and connected.

A collage of pictures from what happened on the women in property event
Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning 'Women in Property' Event 13

At Liviti Property, we are committed to nurturing and supporting women in the property industry. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and events that empower and uplift women in this dynamic field. Your success is our mission, and together, we will unlock new horizons in the world of property.

The Wedded Wonderland, Liviti, and St Trinity Property Group team at the women in property event
Women In Property Triumph: Empowering Women at the stunning 'Women in Property' Event 14

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions of our host venue, panelists, suppliers, and gift bag donors. Their support and dedication played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to:


Wendy El-Khoury – @wendy_elkhoury @Weddedwonderland

Pina Brandi @pb.property

Kahlia Cordony @cordonygroup

Joyce Boustani @ausrealty

Rita Nakle Ishaks Legal and Conveyancing

Natalie Elazzi @liviti_property

Melissa Thaji @melissathaljiproperty

Rouaa Altinawi  @rouaaproperty

Sophie Pellegrino @sophiepellegrino.property


Venue @livinginstylefurniture

Content creation @socialsbyjoshjoseph

Catering @taytasfoodco

Photography @karmagphotography

Videography @veefilms

Video Booth @one360







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