8 Best Places to Invest in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Property Hotspots

The property market in Australia has consistently attracted interest from both local and overseas investors. With a resilient economy, high standards of living, and a growing demand for housing, Australia boasts some of the best places to live and invest. With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the best places to invest in Australia in 2023 and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for vibrant city life or tranquil coastal living, exploring the best places to invest in Australia and live in can yield lucrative investment opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into promising real estate markets across Australia, providing insights on where you might consider allocating your investment capital for optimal returns.

Should You Invest in an Apartment Unit or a House?

When deciding between an apartment and a house, especially in the best places to live in Australia, consider factors such as the location’s demographics and your investment goals. Apartments might offer higher rental yields in urban areas, while houses can offer land appreciation in growing suburbs. Consult with a property advisor to understand the prospects of each option in your preferred area.

Additionally, consider your long-term lifestyle preferences and space requirements. An apartment might be suitable for those seeking a more cosmopolitan lifestyle, whereas a house may offer more space for families or those wanting a garden. Weighing the maintenance responsibilities and community amenities can also play a pivotal role in your final decision.

best places to invest in australia
8 Best Places to Invest in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Property Hotspots 10

Should You Invest in Off-the-Plan Properties?

Investing in off-the-plan properties can offer tax benefits and capital growth. Always conduct a thorough background check on the developer and seek legal advice before proceeding with such investments.

Furthermore, off-the-plan properties often allow buyers to customise and select finishes to their preferences, ensuring a personalised touch to their home. Buying at today’s prices for a future property might also mean potential savings if property prices rise during the construction period. Moreover, initial deposits are generally lower, which can provide more financial flexibility during the investment period.

What to Look for When Investing in the Best Places to Invest in Australia?

For those eyeing the best places to invest in Australia, look for regions with strong infrastructure growth, good schools, and proximity to business hubs. Consider the historical price growth, rental yields, and the potential for future developments. Expert advice and government reports are essential resources to help you make an informed decision.

Additionally, take into account the cultural and recreational amenities of the area, as they can impact the quality of life and property demand. Accessibility to public transport, parks, and healthcare facilities can also play a crucial role in determining the desirability of a location. Engaging with local residents and visiting the area multiple times at different hours can provide deeper insights into the community’s atmosphere and safety.

How to Spot High Growth Suburbs and Regions?

High growth suburbs often showcase a strong economy, upcoming infrastructure projects, and a rising population. Use data from property market reports and insights from local real estate agents to identify such regions when looking for the best places to live in Australia.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that these suburbs may also experience increased competition and potentially higher property prices due to their popularity. Urban planning and zoning changes can significantly influence the development pace and character of a suburb. Staying updated with local government decisions and community developments can provide an edge in making strategic property investments.

How to Choose an Investment Property in Australia?

When looking for the best places to invest in Australia, consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, and the property’s potential for capital growth and rental yield. It is essential to research thoroughly, consult with a professional advisor, and even consider getting a property inspection to ensure the quality of your investment when looking for an investment property.

Moreover, understanding the demographics of the area, such as age distribution and employment rates, can give insights into the potential demand for rentals. Additionally, be aware of the property market cycles, as timing your investment can significantly impact your returns. Always factor in ongoing costs like property management, maintenance, and taxes when calculating potential profits.

Before purchasing any property, learn more on how you can also consider using a mortgage broker.

8 Best Places To Invest In Australia: Where To Invest 

1. Sydney, NSW

Why Invest

  • Capital Growth: Sydney is often considered the epicentre of Australia’s economy and, as such, property prices have seen consistent growth over the years making it our first mention among all the places we think are the best places to invest in Australia.
  • Employment Opportunities: High job availability attracts people to the city, which in turn increases housing demand.

Areas to Consider

  • Parramatta: Known as Sydney’s second CBD, Parramatta has seen substantial development in recent years.
  • Western Sydney Suburb: Renting in Western Sydney offers affordability combined with accessibility to key amenities and growing employment hubs.
best places to invest in australia - Sydney, NSW
Aerial overlooking the Bankwest Stadium, Parramatta in Western Sydney.

2. Melbourne, VIC

Why Invest

  • Cultural Hub: Melbourne is known for its rich culture and diversity, attracting both tourists and residents.
  • Education: Home to some of Australia’s top universities, creating consistent demand for rental properties.

Areas to Consider

  • South Yarra: A thriving suburb with a blend of residential and commercial properties.
  • Footscray: An upcoming area that’s been the focus of regeneration projects, offering more affordable options and one of the top contenders for the best places to invest in Australia.
best places to invest in australia - Melbourne, VIC
South Yarra – Photo: Greg Briggs

3. Brisbane, QLD

Why Invest

  • Population Growth: Brisbane is experiencing one of the fastest population growth rates among Australian cities.
  • Affordability: Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane offers more affordable investment options.

Areas to Consider

  • South Brisbane: Ipswich and Logan Reserve offers potential capital growth due to the regions’ expanding infrastructure, growing population, and strategic location near major urban centres being one of the best places to invest in Australia.
  • North East Brisbane: North Lakes and Mango Hill offer attractive opportunities due to their rapidly developing communities, modern amenities, and proximity to both urban conveniences and natural attractions.
best places to invest in australia - Brisbane, QLD
North Lakes – iBuildNew

4. Gold Coast, QLD

Why Invest

  • Tourism Hotspot: The area is known for its tourism sector, which can potentially yield high short-term rental returns.
  • Population Growth: The city has a substantial population growth, creating a higher demand for housing.

Areas to Consider

  • Southport: A central business district with a blend of residential and commercial opportunities.
  • Burleigh Heads: Offers a range of property types, from apartments to houses, catering to a diverse market.
best places to invest in australia - Gold Coast, QLD
8 Best Places to Invest in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Property Hotspots 11

5. Adelaide, SA

Why Invest

  • Stable Market: Adelaide offers a more stable and less speculative investment compared to other Australian cities.
  • Lifestyle: Known for its vineyards and scenic views, Adelaide attracts those looking for a balanced lifestyle.

Areas to Consider

  • Norwood: A suburb with good schools and shopping districts, ideal for family living.
  • Glenelg: A coastal suburb that’s popular among tourists, offering good short-term rental yields which make it one of the top contenders when looking for the best places to invest in Australia.
best places to invest in australia - Adelaide, SA
Image via @paradenorwood

6. Hobart, TAS

Why Invest

  • Tourism: Hobart has seen a boom in tourism, boosting short-term accommodation demand.
  • Unique Offerings: From historic sites to natural beauty, Hobart offers a unique living experience.

Areas to Consider

  • Battery Point: A historic suburb with a mix of colonial architecture and modern homes.
  • Kingston: A rapidly developing suburb offering affordability and a community atmosphere.
best places to invest in australia - Hobart, TAS
Kingston Beach – Tasmania

7. Perth, WA

Why Invest

  • Recovery Stage: After years of downturn, the Perth property market is in a recovery stage, presenting potential investment opportunities.
  • Infrastructure Development: Significant infrastructure projects in Perth are expected to drive growth in the coming years.

Areas to Consider

  • Scarborough: A coastal suburb with redevelopment projects aiming to enhance its potential making it one of the places to keep your eyes on when looking for the best places to invest in Australia.
  • Fremantle: A blend of the historic and modern, Fremantle offers a strong rental market and vibrant culture.
best places to invest in australia - Perth, WA
Scarborough – Perth’s beachside paradise – Image: Perthidok.com

8. Canberra, ACT

Why Invest

  • Government Hub: Being the nation’s capital, it has a stable job market, particularly in government roles, enhancing housing demand.
  • Education Sector: Home to renowned universities, attracting students and creating a consistent rental market.

Areas to Consider

  • Belconnen: Home to a number of government departments and agencies, offering steady rental demand.
  • Gungahlin: A fast-developing region with new infrastructure projects, promising potential growth.
best places to invest in australia - Canberra, ACT
Belconnen ACT

What Suburbs in Australia Will Boom in 2023?

  • Sydney: Parramatta and Liverpool are expected to see more growth due to infrastructure projects and a shift towards decentralised business districts.
  • Melbourne: Northern suburbs like Coburg and Reservoir have been earmarked as potential growth zones because of affordability and proximity to the city making them one of the best places to invest in Australia.
  • Brisbane: Suburbs like North Lakes and Mango Hill might witness growth due to infrastructure projects and increased business activities.

Where are the best places to Invest in Australia in 2023?

  • Regional Cities: As remote work becomes more mainstream, regional cities like Ballarat, Bendigo, and Toowoomba may offer great investment opportunities that you should consider when looking for the best places to invest in Australia.
  • Gold Coast: The persistent appeal for tourists and those seeking coastal living might continue driving investments.
  • Sunshine Coast: Advantageous due to its burgeoning tourism industry, consistent property value growth, and idyllic coastal lifestyle attracting both residents and investors.

Where in Australia Has the Best ROI?

  • Melbourne and Sydney: While property prices are high, rental yields combined with capital appreciation can offer good returns, especially in growth corridors.
  • Brisbane: Given its relative affordability and the potential for price growth, investors might see significant ROI.
  • Regional Areas: With the rise of remote work, certain regional areas might offer surprising returns due to increased demand.

Bottom Line

Australia’s diverse property market offers various opportunities for investors with different goals and risk profiles. From the bustling cityscape of Sydney, one of the best places to live in Australia, to the laid-back charm of Hobart, each area offers its own unique investment propositions. Whether you’re scouting for the best places to live or the best places to invest, thorough research and seeking professional advice are key to making a successful property decision.

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