Highlights from the #GetInProperty Event: Start Your Journey to Get In Property

On the evening of October 10th, 2023, the Doltone House Marconi transformed into a hub of excitement and anticipation as property enthusiasts eagerly gathered for the highly awaited #GetInProperty event, organised by Liviti Property & St Trinity Property Group.

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The ambience was set from the moment guests stepped through the doors, where they were welcomed by a display of treats and light fruits courtesy of The Doltone House, Cakemail & Tayta’s Catering. This delightful opening paved the way for a night that promised practical information and insights from the experts.

Snacks at the getinproperty event
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With a clear focus on creating opportunities for first-home buyers & first-time investors in the property market, the event drew in a vibrant crowd of 100 guests. The stage was filled by industry luminaries who shared their expertise and experiences:

  • Wendy Daoud El-Khoury – Cofounder and Strategy Director for Liviti Property & CEO at Wedded Wonderland
  • Tarun Sethi – Director & Selling Principal at McGrath Strathfield
  • Peter Diamantidis – Director & Selling Principal at Ray White Diamantidis Group
  • Natalie Elazzi – Financial Specialist at Liviti Property
  • Peter Ishak – CEO at Ishaks Legal & Conveyancing
  • Veronica Morgan – Co-Founder at Home Buyer Academy & PIPA Board Member

These industry experts shared invaluable insights on various facets of property, leaving attendees equipped with knowledge to navigate the complex world of real estate and property investing.

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The panel covered a wide range of topics including everything first time property investors and first time home buyer need to know:

Everything we covered at the #GetInProperty Event

1. Off the Plan Properties: Early Entry, Low Deposits

For those looking to get in the property market early, Off the Plan properties emerge as a game-changer. The ability to secure your future dwelling with as little as a 5% deposit opens doors for many aspiring homeowners,” as highlighted by Peter Diamantidis.

The flexibility of completing the remaining deposit and settlement requirements over one, two, or three years allows ample time to strategically manage your finances. This approach ensures that you can comfortably finalise your deposit, stamp duty, and be well-prepared to commence your mortgage repayments.

Learn everything you need to know about off the plan properties and how to secure one for you.

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2. Financial Options Unveiled: Diversify Your Approach

Natalie Elazzi sheds light on the diverse financial options available, dispelling myths about hefty deposits being a barrier to entry. With the possibility of entering the property market with as little as 5%, Elazzi emphasizes the importance of connecting with the right agents and developers.

The key, she suggests, lies in engaging with a reputable broker to determine your financial readiness for investment. Rather than overthinking the process, focus on understanding the rules surrounding your chosen project and leverage the expertise of industry professionals.

3. Navigating Property Conveyancing: Smooth Transitions

#GetInProperty panelists
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Entering the legal landscape of property transactions can be difficult, but Peter Ishak simplifies the process of conveyancing. “Conveyancing simply means transferring the title ownership of property from one individual, one company, or one entity, to the other,” Ishak explained.

He explains that the role of a conveyancer or solicitor is crucial in ensuring a smooth and efficient exchange.

Learn more about what is conveyancing and what conveyancers can do to help you.

4. Targeted Investments: Tailoring Strategies for Success

Veronica Morgan and Tarun Sethi advocate for a strategic approach to property investment

Veronica emphasizes the need to move beyond aggregated data, stating, “People aren’t using the information. They don’t understand how to use that information and they’re making decisions based on headlines or aggregated data rather than understanding the intricacies between all of that big noise.” 

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By tailoring strategies to meet the specific needs of the market, beginners can make informed decisions, avoiding common pitfalls.

Tarun Sethi reinforces the resilience of the property market, stating, “The property market is a very resilient market and the resilience that we’ve seen in the market has been a testament to the area that it truly is and what it has to offer.” The market, he believes, has proven its strength and attractiveness over the past year, showcasing its true potential.

Learn more about how you can start financially preparing yourself for property investments.

In an exciting turn of events, the #GetInProperty event also featured a lucky draw announcement. The winner, Roy Elkazzi, was the recipient of a free PROPERTY INVESTMENT STRATEGY & ACQUISITION Package with the Liviti team—a prize worth $4,997. This unexpected windfall added an extra layer of excitement to an already memorable evening.

Daniel Chadrawy, Portfolio Success Manager at Liviti Property, took the stage to present Liviti’s revolutionary product offering. Chadrawy detailed the innovative features and advantages of Liviti’s offerings, providing the audience with a glimpse into the future of property management and investment.

Final Thoughts

More than just a gathering, the #GetInProperty event was an immersive experience, fostering empowerment and encouragement for those entering the property market. Attendees left not only with valuable knowledge but also with a sense of connection to a vibrant community of property enthusiasts.

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As Liviti Property continues its commitment to nurturing and supporting property enthusiasts, stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and events. Your success is our mission, and together, we’ll continue to unlock new horizons in the world of property. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, the journey into property is an adventure worth undertaking.

A heartfelt thank you to our host venue, esteemed panellists, and generous sponsors. Your support played a crucial role in making the #GetInProperty event a resounding success.

Official Hosts: @liviti_property x @sttrinitypropertygroup

Guest Host: Wendy El-Khoury

Official MC: Jade El-Choueifati @imjadethemc

Guest Speakers & Businesses:

Tarun Sethi  @tarun.sethi.mcgrath

Peter Diamantidis @peterdiamantidis

Peter Ishak Ishaks Legal and Conveyancing

Veronica Morgan @veronicamorganproperty

Natalie Elazzi @natalieelazzi_property

Event Partners:

Venue: @doltonehouse @marconiclub

Socials: @socialsbyjoshjoseph

Catering: @taytasfoodco

Dessert @cakemail





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