Where Will Rihanna Raise Her New Baby Boy?

‘Bad gal Riri’, better known as Rihanna, is a Barbadian R&B singer, businesswoman and NEW MUM! Everyone has been raving about Rihanna’s baby boy and her relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky – but who didn’t know that? It’s Riri! 

But something you might not know is that Rihanna has one of the most IMPRESSIVE real estate portfolios. 

With Rihanna welcoming her first child and recently reaching BILLIONAIRE status, where will she be raising her family?

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Rihanna the Property Investor 

Thanks to her widely popular Fenty makeup brand, Rihanna has become the world’s wealthiest female musician. She has definitely become the definition of ‘Girl Boss’. With that, and the continued success of her brand, Rihanna has made many smart property investments.

Over the years, she has owned, rented and sold several homes: 

1. Luxury New York Penthouse 

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2. Mediterranean-style Mansion, Hollywood Hills, California

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3. Beachfront Condo, Barbados

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Screen Shot 2022 05 20 at 10.43.00 am

4. London Mansion 


Screen Shot 2022 05 20 at 10.48.05 am

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5. Mansion in Pacific Palisades, California 

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But these are just a FEW of the properties that Rihanna has called home. Her favourite is believed to be her most stunning home, which may be where she plans to raise the newborn baby. 

Rihanna’s Beverly Hills Farmhouse

Rihanna’s house in Beverly Hills is believed to be a strong contender to become the new home for her and A$AP Rocky’s new family. Last year, she even bought the house next door for $10 million. Could she be expanding for more babies to come?? We hope so!

Source: US Weekly - Image of Rihanna’s Farmhouse


The singer’s Beverly Hills Farmhouse is a $13.8 million dollar modern farmhouse, originally built in 1938. The 700 square metre home comes complete with a stunning custom pool, exterior and interior fireplaces and a cabana terrace. 

Source - US Weekly. Image of Rihanna’s custom pool


Its main suite has a huge walk-in wardrobe with black lacquer cabinetry, a luxurious marble bathroom and a terrace with sweeping views of the hills and mountains. With five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, Rihanna can raise many more children here! 


Source: Alexis Adam - Image of black lacquer cabinetry in custom closet

“I’ll have kids — three or four of ’em,” Rihanna said in an interview. 

Source: US Weekly. Image of spacious, marble bathroom

Rihanna sure knows how to score first-class living! There’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t want their baby growing up in a mansion like hers.

Since Rihanna gave birth to her baby boy in a Los Angeles Hospital on the 13th May, could living in Beverly Hills be on the cards? 

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